Coloured polymer clay earrings by Dexterousart. Information: thin and lightweight Golden jump rings unglazed, velvet matte finish 4cm L x 3cm W Sample shown in Passionate plum color but can be made in any colour.

Feel free to msg us or email us for any colour you want and then you can place your order...happy shopping Care:

Polymer clay is a relatively strong material and if cared for, can have a nice long life. Store your pieces separately from other jewellery that may scratch or mark the surface.

Be careful when taking them on and off, especially over hard floors (they don't bounce too well!) All of the pieces are unglazed and have a lovely, velvety matte finish.

If your jewellery becomes slightly dirty (from handling or make-up) use a damp cloth to gently wipe away stains.


Please note: As each colour and piece is hand made, slight variations will occur, making each pair of earrings unique. Measurements, shape and colour may by slightly different to sample shown.

Polymer Clay Earring


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